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Our subsidiary ZDF Service GmbH supervises the direct sales of ZDF's ancillary products. Three ZDF shops - two bricks-and-mortar shops (in downtown Mainz and at the ZDF) as well as an online shop - guarantee our viewers a direct and simple order process for the ZDF's many ancillary products. Morever, the "World of ZDF Brands" can also be experienced with the help of a mobile shop for external events, such as, for example, the IFA in Berlin. Our ZDF shops transform the broadcaster's television world into a tangible experience for people of all ages.

With over 1,000 products, the ZDF Online Shop mirrors the full scope of ZDF's multifaceted programs and is perfectly equipped for Internet shopping. This platform offers direct access to current products pertaining to the ZDF's program highlights in a user-friendly way, e. g. by means of the search functions "Product Category" or "Program Brands."

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Reflecting our consideration of the interests of our licensees, our shops offer additional distribution venues that complement the classical commercial means of distribution. By addressing users in the target group, we support and supplement our clients' distribution activities.